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Investment Management

Handling your investments and financial planning can help you avoid paying excess taxes and provide financial security for your family. The right investment management strategy, developed by a professional investment consultant, ensures that you're financially protected from the unexpected and that you can achieve your goals.

Growing your wealth gives you flexibility when planning for retirement or budgeting to pay for college tuition for your children. The right investment consultant can help you make your money work on your behalf.

What Is the Role Of an Investment Manager?

An investment manager, consultant, or advisor manages investment portfolios for clients. They work with each client to come up with a tolerable risk strategy (will the client like to invest conservatively or do they prefer higher risk-higher reward investments?) and performance goals for the investment. Perhaps the client wishes to invest for retirement and has a certain dollar amount in mind. Or, the client may wish to see their investments grow 10% each year. Each goal will have a different investment strategy to achieve it.

Once the investment consultant determines the goals for the client, they then buy and sell on behalf of the client. Some investment consultants also offer financial planning services, which include financial advice on taxes, insurance, estate planning, and the client's cash-flow management. Other investment advisors specialize in wealth management services, which are personalized investment services for high-net-worth clients.

How Can An Investment Consultant Help Me?

An investment advisor takes into consideration your current financial situation and helps you develop a plan for reaching short-term and long-term goals. They advise you if an investment or purchase is risky and can help protect you from bad investments.

Many times, an investment manager will make recommendations that reduce your tax liability, as well. This can include estate planning and property transfers that help reduce taxes, plus advising you when to invest, buy, and sell.

Investment managers also help you plan for your retirement. For example, you may have several IRAs from different jobs, or you might consider combining all your retirement accounts into one. Investment advisors can help reduce tax penalties when rolling over retirement accounts. They can also ensure that your retirement investments are performing well.


Each client's personal financial situation is different, so you need a good financial advisor to help answer all of your questions.

What does investment management do?
Investment management ensures that your investments are performing according to your goals. They buy and sell on behalf of you and in accordance with your interests and values.

What are the types of investment management?
Investment management services can be comprehensive and include monitoring existing investments and making recommendations for adding new ones or selling underperforming investments. Other services are asset allocation and stock selection, plus financial statement analysis. Investment management oversees the overall portfolio strategy and implementation of goals.

Is asset management and investment management the same?
These are similar concepts but not precisely the same. Asset management deals with ensuring that your assets are protected and that they're performing well. Investment management, on the other hand, is a more holistic approach to building wealth and managing your money. Investment management also includes tax planning strategies and developing a long-term money plan.

Do You Need Investment Management Services?

You've worked hard for your money and your assets. It's essential that you are able to protect it and provide for your heirs and dependents. A professional investment management consultant can help structure your assets and grow your wealth. Don't navigate this complex process alone; work with a professional that can review your options with you. Sapphire Wealth Advisory Group can help. Contact us today to discuss your financial planning strategy.

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