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About Sapphire Wealth Advisory Group

Sapphire Wealth Advisory Group (“SWAG”) stands for a flawless level of service and commitment provided to clients. Similar to that of an actual Sapphire, which is a precious jewel, we view our clients and their financial objectives with utmost importance. Just as the jewel is a variety of Corundum – a rock forming mineral – the planning process entails similar attributes. In the ancient world Sapphire blue signified good fortune and was believed to protect people. Coarse-grained igneous rocks are formed when molten rock cools slowly under the surface of the earth. Slow cooling allows large crystals of minerals to grow. So the slower the magma cools, the larger the sapphire that forms. Like Sapphire gems we take our time (though not a million years!) to form your financial strategy that will help you to achieve long-term financial goals.

The value we provide is the individualized customized unbiased professional opinion in helping clients meet their financial objectives. We pride ourselves on complete transparency, simple solutions to complex matters. Nonetheless, our services go beyond the financial strategies relationship. We want our clients to be comfortable in discussing all aspects of what is on their mind. Operating as “financial therapists” permits us to remedy financial discrepancies, while discussing any other matters that may impact a client’s financial well-being. We also surround ourselves with strategic partners in other industries to help clients reach financial success.

Our process involves creativity. While it may be simple to solve an immediate concern or issue using “easy-to-reach solutions” we want to make sure that our recommendations have been reviewed next to other possibilities to make sure it is the most suitable for our clients’ needs. When we sit down with clients for the first time we want to first get to know them personally – what their interests are, family dynamics, what kind of life do they want to live. It is important that we too share our personal and professional background. We want our clients to feel comfortable working with us and know that while we are professionals we carry a large element of compassion in the work we do. Once we understand the concerns and goals of our clients, we then move forward reviewing their financial landscape. This will help us establish a preliminary solution to accomplish either an immediate or long-term need.

In the solution process we will work with strategic partners to ensure that our recommendations make sense. Once concluded we then present it to our client(s) explain our rationale for what the strategy means, what products might be pertinent for the solution, and how it will achieve the client’s objective. As part of the relationship we build with clients we have a discussion to make sure they understand the work we are doing. We understand that while it might be easy to let one of your trusted advisors do all the work, and not question their integrity, we want to have an open discussion and make sure clients understand what we do.


Meet Aaron Safier
Chief Financial Advisor

The core of his practice is built around establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with his clients. When first meeting a client, he takes the time to understand all the different aspects of their life, career, and their financial landscape. Aaron has been in the financial services industry for 14 years. In this time, he has garnered experience working with individuals, families, entrepreneurs, and those in the special needs community on a multi-faceted level addressing their overall financial and wealth management needs. While working with clients he brings a plethora of experience through the strategic partnerships he has with attorneys, tax advisors, and other professionals that permit us to suit all of our clients’ current and potential needs.

Aaron enjoys the creativity and intuition involved behind putting a coordinated and collaborative financial plan together that helps a client achieve their financial goals. Recognizing that not every strategy is applicable to everyone, he works hard to customize solutions for his clients to help ensure their needs are met. A key element to Aaron’s value is his commitment to learning more about nuances in the financial industry. As a result, he has successfully completed the accreditation exam to become an Accredited Wealth Management Advisor and a Life Underwriter Training Counselor Fellow. He is also an avid reader on behavioral finance. He has been a frequent guest speaker on financial literacy topics at a variety of corporations, hospitals, and non-profit organizations. As an active alum in his high school he frequently provides financial literacy workshops to graduating seniors on different aspects of personal finance. More notably, Aaron has been a guest speaker on television to discuss the different aspects about planning for families that have children with special needs.

In his free time Aaron enjoys weightlifting, running, and playing sports. He lives in Teaneck, NJ, with his wife, Pnina, and their son, Judah.

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